Rubbish Disposal Locations in Brisbane

Where To Take Your Waste in “Brissie”

Taking care of Brisbane’s rubbish is a very important job. Millions of people rely on the city to safely and efficiently dispose of their rubbish. That’s why there are four centres across Brisbane to help take care of all your waste needs.

Every location is equipped with its own dedicated staff, trained to help you dispose of your waste easily.

Waste Disposal Locations in Brisbane

Resource recovery centres

Everyone loves the idea of a zero waste future. To make that a reality we need to do our part to reuse and recycle as much as possible. That’s why Resource Recovery Centres in Brisbane are such an important part of our sustainability journey.

These centres are dedicated to taking items that are no longer useful to us. Then they recycle or repurpose them so they can be put back into circulation.

No matter how small or large, these centres help people in the Brisbane area reduce their waste, get crafty with DIY projects, and give unwanted goods a new lease on life.

It’s not just about saving items from landfill. They also have tip shops. So you can shop around and find interesting things you didn’t even know you needed!


The Brisbane City Council has four recovery centres or “tips” as we like to call them.They are located at Chandler, Ferny Grove, Nudgee, and Willawong. Each location offers recycling and waste services to Brisbane residents. Previously referred to as transfer stations or tips. Anything recyclable can be dropped off for free. While general and green waste disposal requires a fee or the use of waste vouchers.

Remember: Recycling helps reduce waste sent to landfills.

Centre Locations Hours
1372 Nudgee Road, Nudgee Beach, QLD 6.30 am – 5.45 pm
360 Sherbrooke Road, Willawong, QLD 6.30 am – 5.45 pm
101 Upper Kedron Road, Ferny Grove, QLD 6.30 am – 5.45 pm
728 Tilley Road, Chandler, QLD (opposite the Sleeman Sports Complex) 6.30 am – 5.45 pm

When are they open?

These centres are available 365 days a year. Including Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Delivering Rubbish To The Recovery Centres

Delivering your rubbish iss easy and convenient.

Once you arrive at the centre, staff will be on hand to direct you to the appropriate disposal areas. When you drop off your rubbish, you will need to bring it in a trailer or ute. That way you can easily back up the vehicle and easily dump the rubbish into the area provided.

How to safely use the centres

Upon arrival, always be poilite and coureous to staff. Dress for safety. It is advised that you wear fully-enclosed shoes, long trousers, protective eyewear like sunglasses and protective hand protection. Kids uner 12 years of age must stay in your car.

Non-smoking is enforced at all Council properties.

Waste vouchers, fees and charges

These vouchers can be used to pay for the disposal of general and green waste. Fees and charges vary depending on the type and amount of waste being disposed of. You can dispose of 4.5 tonnes for free.

Every home is allotted 10 vouchers for 100 kilograms of waste.

No more than 10 vouchers may be used for a single load. Loads that are too heavy for vouchers to cover will incur extra charges.

Remember each voucher is for the disposal of up to 100 kg only. If you have larger loads to dispose of consider talking to Pro Skip Bins Brisbane or hire a rubbish removal company.

It is important to note that all vouchers are non-refundable and must be used within 12 months of purchase.

Click here to learn more about the council’s voucher scheme.


For a faster and more cost-effective recycling process, separate your items before entering the facility.

General waste

When disposing of your general waste at a resource recovery centre, vouchers or fees may be required.

Green waste

If you have green organic waste from your garden you can take it to the tip or use your green bins. This kind of waste include branches, palm fronds, weeds, pruned trees & shrubs, loose bark and grass clippings are all items accepted.

Residents can take advantage of free recycling drop-offs provided by the Council on weekends to help them tidy up their gardens.

Resource Recovery Centres

Brisbane tip shops

Brisbane tip shops are a great way to find unique and interesting items that have been recycled from the centres. Tip shops are located at each centre, and offer a range of pre-loved items such as furniture, appliances, books, toys and more.

Tip shops are open 7 days a week and offer an affordable way to shop for second -hand items. All proceeds from the tip shops go back into Council’s waste and recycling services.


In conclusion, Brisbane City Council’s resource recovery centres are a great way to rid rid of your junk.

They’re open 365 days a year, including public holidays. So you can take advantage of their free recycling services to help you dispose of your unwanted rubbish.

Don’t forget the tip shopsm located at each centre. They’re a great way to shop for pre-loved items in an affordable and sustainable way.