The 5 Popular Brisbane Northside Suburbs for Hiring Skip Bins

The Northern Suburbs Skip Bin Hire Guide

Popular Brisbane Northside Suburbs for Skip Bins

It’s not easy to dispose of waste most desirably. Whether you’re removing your typical home clutter or office waste or doing spring cleaning, it’s quite a task to ensure effective rubbish removal. Unwanted and harmful matters accumulate fast, and sometimes by the time you know it, you’ll be in the midst of a mess if you don’t have a plan to do away with the trash.

Hiring skip bins is one of the easiest, safest, and most responsible ways of disposing of waste at household and commercial levels. And it seems that Brisbane residents have realised it and are making the most of these big trash cans. Indeed, we will tell you the five most popular suburbs for hiring Northside skip bins. Read on.

Chermside Brisbane

1. Chermside

The Chermside has come a long way since the 19th century when Europeans settled here. Since some land was sold for the first time in May of 1866, the population has grown significantly to over 10,000 people currently indicates that Chermside had a population of 9,315). Additionally, the suburb has seen tremendous economic growth and other aspects of life.

Skip Bin Hire in Chermside

Like the rest of Brisbane, the people of Chermside are keen on ensuring proper waste management. Over recent years, the demand for skip bin hire has increased significantly, especially at the household level.

  • Popular Skip Bin Sizes and usage – Mini skip bins (2m3 to 6m3) are the most popular sizes here in Chermside for households. A few homeowners also hire larger skips (7m3 to 9m2) for renovation projects and garden makeovers. At the commercial level, the larger skip bins (10m3 to 18m3) are the most hired skip sizes in construction sites.
  • Skip bin prices – Hiring a skip bin is getting more affordable here in Chermside. A mini 2m3 skip costs about $250 per day to $350, depending on the type and the skip bin company you hire.

Northgate Brisbane

2. Northgate

Covering an area of about 3.3 km2, the Northgate is another constantly growing Brisbane suburb. It had a population of over 6,000 people. Like Chermside, this suburb has a rich history. Its name comes from its popular Northgate railway station.

The Northgate Hall, run by the Brisbane City Council, is one of the iconic amenities in this suburb. There are also attractions, including the Golden Circle processing plant, which make it a great place.

Skip Bin Hire in Northgate

Northgate produces at least 3,000 tonnes of rubbish yearly, calling for drastic waste management methods. Luckily, many people have embraced skip bins as a means to dispose of waste safely and legally.

  • Popular sizes and usage – 2m3 to 7m3 appear to be more in demand for homeowners during clean-ups, garden makeovers, demolitions, and renovation projects. A few households and construction sites also hire the bulk 9m3 to 12m3.
  • Prices – Prices usually start from about $270 to $350 for the mini sizes. You can expect to pay as high as $980 or more for the bulk 12m3.

Sandgate Brisbane

3. Sandgate

Sandgate was initially known as Cabbage Tree Creek. The Aboriginals also named it Warra, meaning a stretch or expanse of water. This great Brisbane northern suburb possibly got its name from Sandgate, located in Kent, England.

Since the Government of Queensland declared this 3.9 km2 an official town in 1880, it has witnessed significant growth in all aspects of life. According to the 2016 census, the Sandgate had a population of about 49,900.

Skip Bin Hire in Sandgate

The volume of waste produced yearly is increasing with the ever-increasing population and changing lifestyle. In line with the Brisbane City Council’s effort to ensure proper waste disposal, the people of this suburb have also embraced the convenience of skip bins for removing waste.

  • Popular sizes and usage – Popular sizes here are mini and medium-sized skips for households and larger ones – 8m3 to 18m3 – for commercial use (mostly construction sites and when moving). Household usage includes removing the day-to-day waste or during renovation and garden clearing/makeover.
  • Prices – You can expect to hire a skip bin at $250 to $1150 or more, depending on the size and type and the company you hire from.

Lutwyche Brisbane

4. Lutwyche

Lutwyche happens to be one of the smallest suburbs in size. It covers an area of about 0.9 km2 and has a population of about 3454 people.

This Brisbane suburb got its name after Alfred Lutwyche, a Supreme Court judge, Moreton Bay, was appointed on 21 February 1859 when Queensland got self-governance. Lutwyche is not only a home of history but also boasts a rich heritage.

Skip Bin Hire in Lutwyche

Lutwyche produces approximately 1,900 tonnes of waste annually. However, like any other Brisbane suburb, the people here use skip bins to ensure safe and responsible waste removal.

  • Popular sizes and usage - Popular sizes are 2m3 to 6m3 for households and 8m3 to 12m3 for commercial use. Homeowners use skip bins to remove most types of waste, including renovation debris, garden (green) waste, and old stuff. Commercial usage is often clearing rubbish and rubble in construction sites and offices.
  • Prices – Like anywhere else in Brisbane, skip bin prices here start from $250 for the 2m3 skips and can be as high as $1,000 for the bulk 12m3. Different skip-hire companies charge differently.

Stafford Brisbane

5. Stafford

Originally known as Happy Valley, Stafford has come from far to becoming the modern-day suburb with over 6,500 people. Despite its small size, covering an area of about 3.4 km2, Stafford has everything anyone would require, from a rich heritage to classic amenities, including Bilston Street Park.

Skip Bin Hire in Stafford

Producing approximately 3,400 tonnes of waste, waste management in Stafford was an issue until residents started hiring skip bins. And like the rest of Brisbane, the demand for skip bin hire has increased significantly over the recent years.

  • Popular sizes and usage - Most popular skip bin sizes are the mini skips for household use and the larger 8m3 to 12m3 for commercial purposes. Homeowners use skip bins here to remove most types of waste, including green waste, old staff, demolition and renovation waste. Commercial waste is mostly construction waste matters.
  • Prices - Prices also start from approximately $270 for the mini skip bin (2m3) and can go as high as $1,140 for the bulk 12m3 skip bins. Prices vary from one hire company to another.


Skip bins offer a convenient way of removing waste from your home or business and disposing of it safely and legally. The above suburbs are a few examples of areas using skip bins to ensure proper waste management. If you’re in one of them or anywhere else within Brisbane, hire a skip bin today from, and you won’t regret it.

Let us know your location, the skip bin size you want, and the date and time you need it. We have a range of skips bin sizes from mini skips to bulk ones; choose according to your needs, and we will deliver same day without extra charge. It doesn’t get any easier!