Guide to Skip Bin Hire Brisbane

What You Should Know About Hiring A Skip Bin Service?

Guide to Skip Bin Hire Brisbane

Waste (old clothes, plastic bottles, papers, aluminium cans, etc.) is part of our day-to-day life here in Cosmopolitan Brisbane. Indeed, the State of the Environment Report 2020 shows that on average, an individual Queensland household produced more than 500kg of waste in the year 2018-19.

The government is trying the best it can to promote social waste management and environmental awareness to home and business owners in Brisbane city and its environs. That is by encouraging reusing and recycling to minimise the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. But even after recycling and reusing our waste, we still have more than we could contain in our small garbage bins.

One of the best solutions to this problem is using skip bins. Calling a reliable company like skip bins Brisbane can be a great way to remove most types of waste from our homes and offices safely and responsibly. Here’s our guide to skip bin hire in Brisbane.

What Are Skip Bins?

Skip bins are heavy-duty open-top containers that you can hire from a skip company in Brisbane to store all the items you want to throw away. From old things to renovation debris, these “big trash cans” can store all your clutter and keep your home, office, or construction site clean, organised, and safe.

Skip bins come in different types and sizes. The sizes are usually from 2m3 up to 18m3, and you can choose depending on the amount of rubbish you have.

 Types of Skip Bins

1. Marrel Skip Bins 

These are the most common types of skip bins. They come with tall sides, and sizes range from 2m3 to 18m3. Marrel skips are generally (on the downside) more difficult to load than other types.

2. Hook Lift Skip Bins

Hook Lift skip bins are another common type and are also referred to as walk-in skip bins. They are often longer (in length) than Marrel skips but have lower sides. One feature that usually stands out is a rear door that you can easily swing open. This rear door facilitates walk-in access into the bin, which eases the loading process.

3. Mobile Skip Bins

Also known as “mini skip bins”, these skips are smaller than the Marrel and hook lift skip bins. Typically, their size ranges from 2m3 to 6m3 and are transported using small trailers. As the name suggests, mobile skip bins may have wheels to ease access and manoeuvrability.


Skip bin hire prices vary mainly depending on size. A smaller skip bin will cost you less than a larger one. For example, the cost of hiring a 2m3 skip starts from $270 to $350 while a 12m3 starts from $850 to $1,150. Other factors affecting the prices include the type and duration of skip bin hire. We did an article earlier on How Much Does Skip Bin Hire Cost? Have a look.

Skip Bin Types

How To Hire A Skip Bin For Your Needs?

Consider the following essential things while hiring a skip bin if you want to choose the right one for effective waste removal:

Space – where will you place your skip bin?

You must have some space on your property to place the bin. Otherwise, you’ll need to secure a permit from the city council to put it on the road, which is public property.

Size – which size is ideal for you?

You need a suitable skip bin size. Hiring too small a skip bin will end up needing a new skip in the middle of your project while hiring too big will make you too much money. (Here’s how to decide the right size for your skip bin)

Type of waste – What you can and can’t throw inside

Learn what you can and can’t throw into your skip bin. Generally, you can’t throw everything into your skip bin. Some waste materials are considered hazardous, and most companies don’t handle them. It’s essential to understand what should go into the skip and what shouldn’t to ensure safe and effective waste disposal.

The following are some types of waste you can comfortably dispose of using skip bins:

  • Furniture
  • Construction debris and materials like bricks, timber, nails, etc.
  • Paper and cardboards
  • Green waste
  • E-waste – computers, appliances, TVs, etc.

And the following types of waste are prohibited:

  • Asbestos
  • Food (organic waste)
  • Batteries
  • Paints
  • Oils
  • Flammable liquids and chemicals
  • Tyres
  • Gas bottles


Some skip-hire companies may be able to help you to dispose of the prohibited waste discussed above. If you have it, try to speak to your potential skip-hire company and see if they can help.

Time – Period of Hire

The hire period is restricted to 7 days, although some companies allow up to 14 days. Within this period, the company expect you to fill up your skip with the bin so that they can come and pick it up. Ensure you speak to your skip hire company if you need more time to load your skip.

Arrange the Drop-Off Date/Time

Once you sort out where to place your skip bin, the right size for your needs, and the type of waste to put inside, the next thing will be to call your skip company and arrange a date and time for the skip delivery. Some reputable companies will deliver your skip on the same day and provide flexible pick-up dates and times according to your schedule.

Why Should You Hire a Skip Bin in Brisbane?

Hiring a skip bin offers many benefits. We will discuss some of the most notable ones below:

1. Convenience

Skip bins offer a convenient way to dispose of waste. Whether you have a home renovation project or are undertaking spring cleaning or clearing your garage, skip bins will help you remove all the trash and dispose of it without a problem. You won’t need to worry about taking several trips to the tips to dump the waste yourself; you can save that time and invest it into something else. The skip hire company will take care of it.

2. It’s easy to hire

Hiring a skip bin is one of the easiest things to do. You just call a reliable local skip bin hire company, and they will deliver the skip bin to your property. Once you have filled the skip up, they will come and collect it and dispose of the waste safely and responsibly.

3. Dispose of waste legally and responsibly

Another benefit of using skip bins for waste management is that you’ll get no fines associated with illegal dumping. Skip bins are designed to accommodate large volumes of waste and will be taken through recycling facilities and then to a landfill. Thus, skips are an excellent solution if you’re looking for a way to remove your rubbish legally and responsibly.

4. Safety

Skip bins ensure safety because all the waste will be contained in one place. That helps to minimise the risk of spreading germs, pathogens, and illnesses. These containers also help to minimise exposure to chemicals and volatile materials. Mini skip bins have lids that fit perfectly to prevent animals from accessing the waste.

5. Cost-effective

Hiring a skip bin can help you save money on cleaning your property and waste removal. Skip bin prices are based on size. That means you’re free to choose the size you want depending on your amount of waste and budget. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about hiring a truck to transport your trash or coordinating skip drop-off and pick-up. All these are taken care of by the skip bin hire company.

Residential And Commercial Waste Disposal

The best thing about skip bins is that they can effectively remove waste both at residential and commercial levels. For residential use, a skip bin will come in handy when:

Undertaking a renovation project – hire medium-sized bins (7m3 to 9m3) to larger bins (10m3 to 12m3 or sometimes up to 18m3), depending on the project size.

  • Doing spring cleaning
  • During garden remodels
  • Removal of damaged and old furniture

Hiring a skip bin also makes commercial waste disposal easier and more eco-friendly. Skip bins are ideal for disposing of most types of waste from building materials such as electrical wire, timber, metal, and plasterboard. You can also use skip bins to dispose of soil fast, efficiently, and reliably to ensure a building site is ready and safe to work on.

How to Choose a Skip Hire Company

There are several skip bin hire companies in Brisbane. However, you must choose a dependable company that will serve you best. The following are critical factors to consider:

1. Location 

Hire a company that’s closest to you. Such a company won’t need to travel far to drop off and collect your skip. That will cut down on costs. A local company is also more reliable because you can quickly meet face-to-face if the need arises.

2. License and certification

Ensure you deal with only licensed and certified companies to operate within Brisbane. Not everyone is who they claim to be. So, ensure your potential company shows you the appropriate licence and certification before you contract with them.

3. Experience and professionalism

A company that has been in business for at least a few years is experienced and will deliver the results you desire. It may be hard to assess the reliability and dependability of a company that began its operation recently.

4. Reputation and references 

What are previous clients saying about their experience with your potential company? Can the skip bin hire company be trusted, and are they reliable? Read reviews on Google or Facebook and testimonials on their website before you hire them.

5. Flexibility 

Suppose you need a skip bin today, but your skip bin company can’t deliver. Wouldn’t that be quite inconvenient? Choose a company with flexible delivery and pick-up times. A company that will be there when you need them.

6. Cost

Skip bin costs vary depending mainly on size. But different companies ask different prices for their skips. Choose a company that offers the best deal. Ensure you don’t confuse quality services with low-priced ones. Mostly, low-price services are a red flag for poor quality. But that doesn’t mean that high-quality services should cost a fortune.

These are critical things to consider while hiring a good skip bin company. Check a more detailed guide on (how to choose the right skip bin hire company).


What is the best way to fill a skip?

Start by placing flatter and heavier waste materials at the bottom. Fill small spaces with small items to avoid air spaces. Ensure you don’t exceed the skip weight limit. Check a comprehensive guide on (how to load a skip bin like a pro).

How many wheelbarrows does it take to fill a skip?

A mini Marrel skip bin (2m3) can fit 12 wheelbarrows and is ideal for small household projects such as spring cleaning or when moving. A larger 8m3 can fit up to 48 wheelbarrows of waste.

Do you pay for a skip before or after?

You’ll often need to pay for your skip bin when you order or before delivery. The good thing is that many skip bin companies have secure and reliable online payment methods, and it’s easy and quick to complete payment for your skip.

About Brisbane City


Brisbane is Queensland’s capital and is sometimes referred to as Brissie, with the slogan, beautiful one day, perfect the next. In comparison to Melbourne or Sydney, Brisbane was once a sleepy small town, but it has come of age and is now a vibrant cosmopolitan city bustling with Arts and Culture, nightlife, and the gateway to the Gold Coasts and Sunshine.

Locals enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, contributed by the city’s proximity to the beaches. An hour north or south you’ll find these picturesque white sandy beaches with world-class bars and cafes. Population-wise, statistics show that Brisbane had about 2.56M people in 2020, a 1.9% increase from 2019’s population.

Waste Management in the city

Since the amount of waste produced daily keeps on increasing, the Brisbane city council is committed to ensuring proper waste management in and around the city. The council is also dedicated to supporting local recycling through companies based in Brisbane and the entire of Australia. It has one world-class landfill site at Rochedale where unrecyclable and un-reusable waste is buried.

The waste is transported from the disposal locations to the landfill site. Dumps aren’t free in Brisbane. Although reusables and recyclables can be dropped off free of charge, non-reusable and non-recyclables attract a fee or waste vouchers.

Conclusion – Get in Touch

Skip bins are large open-top containers hired from skip bin hire companies to throw things that you want to dispose of. They are one of the perfect ways of dealing with the waste problem in Brisbane. Skips are available in different types and sizes; you’re free to choose according to your needs and budget.

It’s prohibited to throw hazardous waste such as flammable liquids, chemicals, and asbestos. You can use skip bins for both household and commercial needs. Choosing the right skip bin and a dependable skip bin hire company will ensure proper waste removal and disposal. We are reputable and have the skip bins you need at affordable costs. Speak to us today and we will be happy to remove your waste!