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Pro Skip Bins is a local skip bin hire company in Brisbane. From home renovation to spring cleaning or moving house, our Brisbane skip bins are the convenient rubbish disposal solution.
Our friendly and experienced staff make booking a skip easy. We also make sure you get the best priced skip bins in Brisbane. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable solution to dispose of rubbish choose Pro Skip Bins Brisbane.

Our skips are perfectly suited for wide range of waste types. They can be loaded with 5 different types of rubbish. These include general, garden, green, clean fill and bricks.

Our cheap skip bin hire is for all of greater Brisbane including the Eastern, Western, Northside Brisbane and Southside Brisbane suburbs in South East Queensland.

About Us

Pro Skip Bins Brisbane has over 20 years experience in the waste management industry. We’re proud of our modern fleet of trucks that can quickly and easily load and unload skips with ease. Our vehicles have been custom built to with a modern open-topped design which means you get your skip delivered efficiently.


Best Prices in brisbane

Our Service Guarantee

We’re dedicated to providing you with complete professionalism and an extraordinary experience. We understand both residential and commercial customers have unique requirements. We’ll customise and tailor our skip bin service to your specific requirements. No matter if you run a business or you just need to hire Brisbane skip bins for personal use, we’ll provide you with an exceptional service. We strongly believe that it’s not just our low prices that customer’s love, it’s our dedication to 100% customer satisfaction. That’s the Pro Skip Bin Hire Brisbane promise.

Fast Same Day Delivery and Pick-up

Do you need your skip deliverd the same day? No worries, we can do that too. We offer fast and efficient pickup and delivery. Simply choose your skip size and waste type and call our customer service team or book online.

How to Book

Ordering couldn’t be easier. Our competitive pricing includes delivery, waste removal and waste disposal.

Book your skip bin Choose Your skip sizeSchedule Delivery Date Skip Bin Delivery

  1. Call us directly or complete the online booking form.
  2. Select the skip size to suit your needs
  3. Choose type of skip bin
  4. Tell us the delivery and pickup dates
  5. Expect delivery within 24 hours and occasionally on the same day.

We will also notify regarding whether you need a permit for your skip. For more information visit the council website.

Residential Skips


Commercial Skips

Types of Waste

Below you will find a summary what rubbish you can load into the bins.

Green Waste Skip Bins

Our green skip bins are the perfect solution for all organic waste from around the garden. Green or “biological” waste is composed of plant or animal waste that is biodegradable. Rubbish you can put in these skips include tree branches, tree bark, fallen leaves, twigs, grass clippings, shrub and yard clippings, wood chips, bark, non-hazardous wood, palm trees and weeds, flower cuttings, landscape, pebbles, rubble, woodchips, flowers, buds, and pruning waste. You can also dispose of domestic or commercial kitchen food waste such as food-soiled paper. As long the as the rubbish is organic and can decay naturally and won’t harm the environment. You should always dispose of your green rubbish correctly. You can either take it to your local council facility or hire green bins from us.

General Waste Skip Bins

All general household rubbish including domestic including timber, plastic, white goods, appliances or electronics. Light business or commercial junk such as cardboard, stationary and office furniture. Landscaping and green gardening materials.

Clean Fill Skip Bins

All top soil and dirt, sand, clay, cermatic tiles, rocks, bricks asphalt and broken concrete. This waste cannot be contaminated with other rubbish. This also excludes general and mixed rubbish.

Concrete Skip Bins

All clean concrete, brick, steel, clay pavers, terracotta rool tiles and clean industrial and construction waste.

Mixed Rubbish Skip Bins

Mixed rubbish includes that rubbish that isn’t easily separated from other materials. We deliver mixed skips to the Multi Re use Facilities (MRF’s) where materials and sorted and processed. The MRF processing plants separate different rubbish from recyclable material to waste products.

Servicing all of Brisbane North and South

Prohibited Waste Materials (Not Accepted)

Not all rubbish types can be loaded into skips. The following materials cannot be put into skip bins.

  • Asbestos (Contact us to discuss disposing of asbestos)
  • Hazardous or Toxic Materials
  • Fibro Sheeting
  • Tyres
  • Car or lithium batteries
  • Fridges and Freezers
  • Liquid Paints, Oils
  • Toxic Chemicals & Poisons
  • Gas Bottles, Cylinders & Aerosols
  • Dangerous goods OR Explosive Substances
  • Polystyrene
  • EPA Regulated waste

To dispose of hazardous waste, visit the local council website or speak with our team to discuss.

Skip Bin Sizes in Cubic Meters – Volume Up to 48 Wheelie Bins

We provide six different skip bins for you to choose from – mini, small, medium and large. If you are unsure of sizing we are happy to recommend one for you.

  • 3m – Size 3m³
  • 4m – Size 4m³
  • 6m – Size 6m³
  • 8m – Size 8m³
  • 9m – Size 9m³
  • 12m – Size 12m³


3 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

4 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

8 Cubic Metre Skip Bin 9 Cubic Metre Skip Bin 12 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Why Choose Us?

  • Best Pricing Guarantee
  • Fully certified, Qualified & Licensed
  • Friendly and Reliable
  • Family Owned and Operated Business
  • Help you choose the right size
  • Best Advice
  • Free Quotes

Brisbane Service Area Locations

  • Brisbane City and CBD
  • Northside Brisbane
  • Southside Brisbane
  • Eastern Brisbane Suburbs
  • Western Brisbane Suburbs
  • Moreton Bay
  • Redland Bay
  • Ipswich and Toowoomba
  • Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How do we dispose of the rubbish?

These days there are many options to recycle and reuse rubbish. Simply disposing of waste in landfill should be the last option, although some refuse can’t be recycled. We use our network of recycling partners across Brisbane to help us recycle and repurpose as much material as we can. We are proud to help contribute to a sustainable environment for our future generations.

What are skip bins? Yes some people ask us.

Skip bins are like giant waste containers. Think of it as a big garbage bin made of metal.

What is biodegradable waste?

This is organic material that can be broken down into methane, carbon dioxide or other organic molecules. Basically if it decays naturally it’s classed as biodegradable.

How much does it cost to hire skin bins?

The smallest starts from $200. Medium size skip starts from $330. The largest skip starts from $550.

How high can I fill the ship?

For safety reasons we cannot transport skip bins with junk above the rim. Excess levels of rubbish can be dangerous. Additional fees apply for excess rubbish.

How many days can we keep the skip bin?

Standard hire is for 7 days but can be extended.

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