Brisbane Skip Bin Prices

Welcome to our skip bin prices page for savvy waste-savers. Here, you’ll find an overview of our prices so you can make informed decisions about your waste disposal needs. We’re focused on providing quality services at a price that’s just right for you.

Our skip bins come in various sizes and are designed to accommodate residential, commercial and industrial waste removal jobs. So no matter how big or small the job is, we have the right size for it.

With us, you get more than just the skip bin itself; you also get flexible hire periods, experienced operators and honest rates. Delivered to your door with friendliness and professionalism.

And because our pricing is always fair and transparent, there are no hidden fees or misleading costs when you choose us. So don’t let too much go to waste – explore our options now!

Our Skip Bin Hire Pricelist

Size Dimensions Capacity Price Starting From*
2m³ L 1.8m x W 1.4m x H 0.95m 2 Tonne $350
3m³ L 2.5m x W 1.4m x H 1.1m 3 Tonne $390
4m³  L 3.3m x W 1.4m x H 1.1m 4 Tonne $400
6m³ L 2.6m x W 1.2m x H 1.1m – With Door 6 Tonne $470
8m³ L 3m x W 1.6m x H 1.5m 8 Tonne $620
9m³ L 3.8m x W 1.7m x H 1.6m 9 Tonne $670
10m³ L 4.5m x W 1.5m x H 1.6m 10 Tonne $720
12m³ L 4.5m x W 1.7m x H 1.7m 12 Tonne $820

Whats Included in the price?

The price you pay will include delivery and collection of the bin anywhere in the Northside and Southside of Brisbane. As well as disposal of your waste. Depending on the company you choose, some may also offer additional services such as sorting and recycling of your waste.

It is important to check with your skip bin hire provider to ensure that all costs are included in the price quoted. This will help you avoid any nasty surprises when it comes to paying the bill.

How long is the hire preiod?

The length of the hire period will depend on the size and type of skip bin you require. Our standard hire period is 7 days. If you need your skip bin for longer than a week, simply let us know so we can extend the time for you. There is a $10 per day addiitonal charge that applies.

Choosing The Right Size

It’s important to choose the right size when it comes to skip bin costs. While it may seem like a small detail, getting the right size can make all the difference in how much you pay for your skip bin hire. Choosing a skip bin size that is too large means that you’ll be paying for more space than you need. On the other hand, choosing a skip bin size that is too small may mean needing to order an additional one, resulting in higher overall costs. Taking into account factors such as the amount of waste and distance of transport will help ensure that you get the right size and save money in the long run.

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