Skip Bin Sizes

Wide Range Of Skips Available For Hire in The Brisbane Area

Skip bins come in a range of sizes which are typically referred to by their volume in cubic metres. Pro Skip Bins Brisbane has a wide range of skips available for hire in the Brisbane area. You can choose from skips of all sizes from two cubic metres all the way up to 15 cubic metres, our biggest size.

Before making your selection, you need to think about the scope of your project and the amount of rubbish it will generate.

Sometimes it’s hard to estimate the right skip bin size for your project. So don’t hesitate to talk with our friendly and helpful staff. We are always happy to help you make the right choice.

Skip Bin Sizes

2 Cubic Metres –  2.2L 1.5W .95H

The 2m³ is ideal for spring clean-ups and other small household projects. It has an 2 tonne capacity and holds approx 8 wheelie bins.

2 Cubic Metres


3 Cubic Metres –  2.5L 1.6W 1.1H

The 3m³ is also suitable for garden makeovers and spring cleaning. You can also use them for decluttering your house or removing the junk from the garage.

3 Cubic Metres

4 Cubic Metres – 3.3L 1.6W 1.1H

The 4m³ is one of the most popular bin sizes. It is ideal for small home renovation projects and cleaning up homes or offices.

4 Cubic Metres

6 Cubic Metres – 3.7L 1.6W 1.2H

The 6m³ is used for demolition sites, industrial premises and or building site clearances.

6 Cubic Metres

8 Cubic Metres – 3.8L 1.5W 1.4H

The 8m³ is commonly used by builders on construction sites to dispose of heavy waste.

8 Cubic Metres

9 Cubic Metres – 3.8L 1.5W 1.5H

The 9m³ is popular for demolition sites, industrial premises, building site clearances and large garden clean-ups.

9 Cubic Metres

12 Cubic Metres – 4.5L 1.7W 1.6H

The 12m³ is well suited for construction projects and heavy waste such as concrete, bricks, rocks and rubble.

12 Cubic Metres

15 Cubic Metres –  4.8L 1.8W 1.7H

The 15m³ is mostly used for for big commercial or industrial projects on construction sites. They are also used for complete house clearances and deceased estates.

15 Cubic Metres


How to Choose the Right Size

Collect all your waste (or imagine it) in one pile. That will make measuring its length, width, and height easy. For example, a pile of rubbish with the dimensions of 2.5m (L) x 1.5m (W) x 1.8m (H) equals 6.75 cubic metres or 7 (rounded off to the nearest whole number). That means you should order a 7 or 8 cubic metre skip bin.

Useful Tip

Bigger is better in our industry. We recommend that clients go one size bigger when making your choice. We do so because we find that people underestimate the amount of rubbish they’ll generate. Then they call us and need to order another one, as you can imagein this becomes an expensive exercise.

Save yourself some money by choosing to the next bin size rather than ordering another and paying unnecessary costs.

How Big is a Cubic Metre? 

Think of a cube measuring 1-metre-long x 1-metre-wide x 1-metre high – that makes one cubic metre.

The standard wheelie bin you probably have at home is a 240-litre capacity. And a cubic metre space can accommodate slightly more waste than what 4 of these bins can carry.

Not Sure About the Skip Bin Size?

If you still need more information about the right skip bin size for you, please feel free to contact us.

For more information about the correct size, request a free quote or call us now on 07 3062 8466.