How Much Does Skip Bin Hire Cost in 2022?

 The Cost to Hire Skip Bins

Skip Bin Hire Prices

The average cost to hire a skip bin is $300.

The skip bin costs increase depending on the size of the bin you need. Cheap skip bin hire prices can start from as little as $180 for 2 cubic metres. Then over $550 for 15 cubic metres.

The average cost of hiring works out to be between $50 and $90 per cubic metre.

Are you wanting to hire a skip bin to get rid of unwanted rubbish? Skip bins are great for removing junk. The costs vary from state to state in Australia. Hiring a skip bin is one of the most practical and cost-effective ways to dispose of the rubbish following home renovations, garden clearances and demolition projects.

It is cheaper than hiring a waste management or rubbish removal company.

But how much does skip bin hire cost in Australia? Let’s take a deeper look at skip prices.

Skip Bin Hire Price Guide

Skip bin total cost depends on the size. The cost to hire and skip size chart is below.

Small Skip Bins

2 Cubic Metres – 2m³ Cost $180 to 290

These mini skips are suited for small jobs. This includes cleaning out household rubbish, moving out or office cleanups.  Perfect if you want to get rid of old furniture and whitegoods.

3 Cubic Metres – 3m³ Cost $200 to 350

Easiest way to remove waste for garden cleanups or house renovation projects.

Medium Skip Bins

4 Cubic Metres – 4m³ Cost $240 to 400

This skip fits larger bulky items. More suited to home renovations and smaller contruction projects.  Can dispose of concrete, bricks and scrap metal.

5 Cubic Metres – 5m³ Cost $280 to 450

These skip sizes are 4m to 5m cubic metres and fit between 8 to 16 wheelie bins.

6 Cubic Metres – 6m³ Cost $320 to 500

Large Skip Bins

8 Cubic Metres – 7m³ Cost $400 to 550

For construction sites and house builders.

12 Cubic Metres – 12m³ Cost $550 to 650

Good for larger construction jobs.

15 Cubic Metres – 15m³ Cost $650 to 800

The largest skip bins are perfect for bigger construction or demolition projects and have the largest load capacity.

This skip can take loads between 6 to 15 cubic metres.

Top 4 Different Waste Types

General Waste Skip Bin

The general waste skip bin can be used for the following items. This includes Household Goods such as TVs & BBQ’s, Whitegoods, Fridges, Freezers,  E waste, Old furniture and Plastics. In addition you can also dispose of end of lease rubbish, Old Furniture, Builders waste, Renovators waste, Bathroom renovation, Household General waste and small home improvement projects.

Green Waste Skip Bin

Green or garden waste skip bins can take trailer loads of grass clipping, leaves, tree trimmings, small branches, weeds and bark, palm fronds.

Mixed Waste / Heavy Waste Skip Bin

Used for builders rubbish and contruction waste. Bricks, dry concrete landscapers waste, Soil and Dirt, Rocks, Rubble, Stones, Pebbles, Wood, Metal, Plastic, Plaster, Paper and Cardboard.

Special Waste Type Skip Bin

Some special waste materials should not be placed in a standard size skip bin.  Special waste includes all non-regulated and regulated materials including asbestos removal. There are heavy fines for commiting this offence. In addition dead animals require special handling which is regulated by the Australian government. Restricted waste items below.

  • Hazardous Waste, Fibro Sheeting, Tyres & Batteries, Fridges and Freezers
  • Liquid Paints, Oils, Chemicals & Poisons, P esticide and Insecticide canisters, Chemical containers, Toxic Waste, Gas Bottles, Cylinders & Aerosols, Sludge, Asbestos Containing Materials

Factors that effect skip bin hire cost

There are several factors that can affect the price you’ll pay. Apart from the sizes and dimensions of the skip, these include:

1. Size

Before you start on your renovation or clean-up project, you will need to work out the size of the skip bin for your requirements. This is the most significant factor in determining costs. Skips are hired by cubic yards or cubic metres, and smaller ones cost less than the larger containers because every skip company has to get rid of the collected waste. The more waste to remove the higher the cost.

2. Waste Type

The type of rubbish also defines the cost. Some companies charge extra depending on the waste you want to throw away. Hazardous waste materials normally has addiitonal charges as it incurs additional charges from the local council. The usual methods of disposal are landfill, incineration and recycling for a sustainable environment.

3. Rental Hire Period

The longer the hire period, the higher the price. Extra charges typically apply for additional days or weeks. If your skip is on council land, you may need to pay for permit extensions. In general the hire period is 7 days. Ensure you give the company plenty of notice to avoid extra daily surcharges.

4. Location

Some companies will charge extra for travel time. Try to choose a local business to avoid these extra costs.

5. Council Permits and Tip Fees

If you plan to store skips on public land such as a road, you may need a council permit. Most hire companies will help provide permits and information on local Government regulations.

For more information about permits for use on footways and roads, visit your local Council website. If you are a Brisbane resident visit Brisbane City Council’s webpages on laws and permits for residents.

6. Overloading a Skip Bin

Waste must stay under the top rail, so don’t overfill a skip bin. For safety reasons trucks cannot transport skip bins with rubbish above the rim. It can fall out during transport and be dangerous. Overloaded skips will normally have addtional costs.

Questions to ask Skip Bin Hire Businesses

  1. What type so rubbish does your company take?
  2. How long can we hire a skip for?
  3. Do you offer money to recycle items?
  4. Can I put tyres in a skip?
  5. Do I need a council permit?
  6. What items can’t I put into a skip?
  7. Are there any hidden charges?
  8. Are there any weight restrictions?

Skip Hiring Cost Guide

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