How Much Does Skip Bin Hire Cost?

Skip Bin Hire Cost Overview in Brisbane

How Much Does Skip Bin Hire Cost?

Do you want to know how much it costs to hire a skip bin in Brisbane?

Hiring a skip bin is one of the most practical and cost-effective ways to dispose of the rubbish following home renovations, garden clearances and demolition projects. It is cheaper than using a man with a van service or having a removal company take away the waste and a lot easier than doing it yourself. Trying to ram the rubbish into the back of your car and embarking on multiple trips to the local council tip is an unbelievable hassle that nobody wants.

Before you start on your renovation or clean-up project, you will need to work out the size of the skip bin for your requirements. This is the most significant factor in determining costs. Skips are hired by cubic yards or cubic metres, and smaller ones cost less than the larger containers because every skip company has to get rid of the collected waste. The more waste to remove the higher the cost. The usual methods of disposal are landfill, incineration and recycling.

To ensure that you are not paying more than you need to, take a look at our skip bin hire price list below:

  • 2 Cubic Metres: Prices start from XX
  • 3 Cubic Metres: Prices start from XX
  • 4 Cubic Metres: Prices start from XX
  • 6 Cubic Metres: Prices start from XX
  • 9 Cubic Metres: Prices start from XX
  • 12 Cubic Metres: Prices start from XX
  • 15 Cubic Metres: Prices start from XX
  • 40 Cubic Metres: Prices start from XX


How Much Does Skip Bin Hire Cost? Other Pricing Factors

There are, in fact, several factors that can affect the cost of skip hire. Apart from the sizes and dimensions of the bins, these include:

  • Council Permits

You will generally require a skip hire permit from your local council if the skip is to be placed on public land such as a road. If the skip is on private property such as your front yard, you will not have to pay for a permit.

For more information about skip bins and permits for use on footways and roads, visit Brisbane City Council’s webpages on laws and permits for residents. The experts at Pro Skip Bins Brisbane can also advise you on whether you will need a permit and the process for obtaining one.

  • Hire Period

The length of time you want the skip at your premises. The longer the hire period, the higher the price. Extra charges typically apply for additional days or weeks. If your skip is on council land, you may need to pay for permit extensions.


How to Save Money When Hiring a Skip Bin

Hiring a skip bin is already a budget-friendly way of disposing of large volumes of waste, but you can keep costs down even further with these handy tips:

  1. If you can, collect all the rubbish before the arrival of your skip. That way, when it comes, you’ll just be loading your waste directly onto the container. This will save you a lot of time and consequently your hire period will be shorter, which will save you money.
  2. If you are clearing a house of furniture, ornaments, fireplaces and fittings, call a house clearance company first. After all, one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure. These firms will pick up your junk for free and then sell it on for a profit.
  3. Make the best use of space within a skip bin by intelligently packing the waste, so no gaps are left. Just throwing stuff in leaves expensive gaps that won’t be filled. Pack it like you would a suitcase.
  4. If you’re putting your skip on your drive to save permit costs, think about the weight of the waste. If it is too heavy, you could end up damaging the drive’s paving which could result in a costly repair bill.
  5. Don’t overfill your skip bin. You must fill it up to an even level without the waste rising out above the edges. The trash shouldn’t be higher than the side of the skip bin. Overfilled skips are a safety hazard for everyone. Overloading your skip might also mean that it is too heavy to remove and your skip hire company may not collect it. If they do manage to take it away, they may charge you more for the extra load.

Skip Bin Hire Hidden Charges

Are There Skip Bin Hire Hidden Charges?

Reputable companies will not hit you with hidden charges. When you have explained your requirements, you will be given a quote that may or may not include VAT. If you are going to compare prices between skip bin suppliers, be sure to check whether the quote includes VAT.


Want to Know More About Skip Bin Hire Costs?

If you have any questions about the cost of skip bin hire in Brisbane, please get in touch with us at Pro Skip Bins Brisbane. Our number is 07 3062 84660.