Reasons To Hire Skip Bins – Updated 2023

Top 10 Benefits Of Skip Bin Hire

Are you planning a home renovation or spring clean? Or perhaps you’re a business owner looking to dispose of large amounts of junk from your office?

If so, a skip bin can provide a much easier, cheaper and eco-friendly way to remove your waste.

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Here, we’ll explain why you should hire a skip bin.

1. A Simple and Easy Waste Removal Service

Skip bins are an easy and convenient way to remove general waste and bulky items. They can be used for a variety of projects. Including home renovations, spring cleaning, and landscaping. Skips are available in a range of sizes too. Which makes them an ideal solution for any rubbish disposal project. They are also easy to load. So you can quickly and safely get rid of rubbish without having to do multiple trips to the landfill.

Plus, you can rent a skip bin for as short, or long as you want.

Then you call to have it collected when you’re done.

This saves you the hassle of disposing it yourself.

2. Safe Waste Disposal

Skips are the safest way to dispose of rubbish.

They provide a safe, secure, and hygienic method of disposing of a variety of materials.

Hiring a skip bin can offer many safety benefits, so let’s explore a few now.

Less Spillage: Firstly, they are designed to securely contain large volumes of waste. Preventing it from spilling or becoming a hazard in public spaces.

Less Accidents: Additionally, they contain everything in one secure place. This can help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Healthier: Finally, skip bin hire services are aware of the health and safety regulations.

So you can rest assured it will be disposed of safely and efficiently.

3. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Hiring a skip bin is eco-friendly as it help to reduce unnecessary visits to landfill sites. Moreover, it helps reduce the volume of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. We love that!

Just think of all that polution from vehicles driving back and fourth to the tip. Yuck!

So you are helping combat climate change.

Additionally, most skip hire companies separate out materials like paper and plastic that are recyclable or compostable before disposing of them responsibly.

Finally, because all items inside a skip bin is contained, it reduces the risk of pollutants leaking into the surrounding environment.

Which is great way to maintain conservation.

4. Saves You Money

Saving money is a priority for most of us. Especially now the economy is struggling.

With increased interest rates and cost of living sky rocketing, who doesn’t want to save some cash right?

When it comes to getting rid of rubbish, skip bins can be very cost-effective.

Instead of having to pay for multiple visits to the local dump. Uising a bin allows you to get rid of your trash in one go. So you only pay one fee to the skip bin hire company.

No fuel, tolls, tips fees or anything. Plus you’ll save money on transport costs.

Plus the price you pay for hiring a bin is allot less than you’d pay for a rubbish removal company to take it away.

5. Eliminates Travel Time

Hiring a skip bin is one of the best ways to minimise travelling yourself.

They are an efficient and convenient alternative to traditional waste disposal methods. Making it easier and faster to dispose of unwanted items.

You’ll help save time by eliminating the need for unnecessary driving back and forth to the local landfill. No one wants that right? Plus you save on fuel costs!

This can be especially beneficial if you live in a remote area or you can’t get transportation.

6. Promotes A Healthy Business Environment

A clean workspace provides a healthier business environment. It can help reduce clutter, promote good hygiene and keep staff morale high. The waste removal service is an invaluable way to remove unwanted materials from the office and make sure it remains neat, tidy and functioning smoothly.

It also serves practical purposes in improving safety standards. With less debris sitting around or collecting along floors or shelves, hazards are reduced dramatically, creating a safer and more secure place for workers to do their jobs.

7. Different Sizes Available

Skip bins are available in a range of sizes from 2m3 all the way to 15m3. Some companies even have larger bins. This means that you can choose the size that best suits your needs. No matter how large or small the project is.

For example: if you are only doing a small renovation project, then you can opt for a smaller bin like a 4 cubic metre bin.

On the other hand, if you are doing a major reno, then you can opt for a larger bin starting at 6 Cubic metres.

8. Different Waste Types

When you hire a skip bin, you can get rid of all kinds of waste types.

Litterally all kinds of junk (except dangerous stuff like asbestos and batteries). But almost anything else like household furniture, organic materials and mixed heavy soil or concrete.

General household waste includes plastic bottles and packaging, food scraps, clothing and batteries.

Green waste includes garden clippings, leaves and branches.

Mixed heavy waste can be soil, concrete blocks, bricks or pavers.

This means that you can get rid of all your junk in one go. Without having to separate them into different categories.

9. Removes Rubbish From Your Property

Having piles of rubbish lying around your property stressful. Just looking at it can be damaging to your mental health.

In addition to the eyesore, piles of waste can also create an unhygienic environment that increases the risk of pest infestations and the spread of germs or diseases.

Pests and rodents carry infectious diseases and cause potentially serious damage to the areas around you, such as local wildlife and vegetation.

Plus it puts anyone around the rotting materials at risk of illness or infection. So it’s better we clean it up fast!

10. Saves You Time and Energy

Skips are great time-savers.

By hiring a skip bin, you can avoid the hassle of doing all the heavy lifting yourself.

You can simply fill the bin and it will be taken quickly. So you can enjoy more your day.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about making multiple trips to the tip. This can take up valuable resources and energy that could be spent elsewhere. They’re also convenient because they keep your area clean and free from debris, resulting in less mess and clutter.


Hiring a skip bin is an efficient and cost-effective way to get rid of your unwanted junk.

Not only does it give you back from freedom, but it’s also eco-friendly!

Whether you’re spring cleaning or renovating your home, make sure to consider these reasons and hire a skip bin!


Ten Reasons You Should Hire A Skip Bin