Skip Bin Size Infographic

The Easy to Use Size Chart

With so much information skip bin sizes, it’s hard to sort through all the clutter. That’s why having a visual guide is helpful. So we put together an easy to follow infographic showing the average sizes of skip bins available in our industry.

So what are the different types of skips and how much do they hold? Read on to discover a convenient and comprehensive skip size guide – with handy visuals to help!

Think outside the box when it comes to skip bin sizes. Yes, smaller sizes are cheaper, but you may overload it and have to hire another one to cover the excess waste. Ask your local waste removal provider for advice about which option works best for your job.

Stay organised and efficient. Try to organise your rubbish ahead of time. That way you can save money on the rental period.

We hope you find our size chart helpful. You can get a visual on the sizes, dimensions, and capacity. So you can identify exactly what you need quickly and accurately.


Skip Bin Size Inforgraphic