How to Choose the Right Skip Bin Hire Company

10 Best Tips for Choosing the Best Skip Hire Professionals

How to Find a Skip Bin Hire Company

Home projects such as renovation, garden makeovers, and general cleaning usually involve a lot of waste. And if you plan to do a project at home, it’s essential to consider proper waste management. Hiring a skip bin (when undertaking such projects) to store all your rubbish is convenient. More and more people are hiring skips to dispose of their waste because they are cost-effective and efficient.

There are so many skip bin hire companies out there, but the quality of services and costs aren’t the same. Thus, you need to choose the right company to hire your skip bin from if you want to enjoy the most benefits. Here are ten steps to go about that.

Step One: Consider the type of waste

Many skip-bin hire companies won’t dispose of or handle hazardous waste such as car batteries, asbestos, flammable liquids, and chemicals. However, a good company should find a way to help you remove all your waste. So, discuss with your potential skip provider before entering into a contract if you’ll be removing anything that may be hazardous.

Step Two: Determine the right skip size

Skip bins are available in many different sizes; from 2m3 up to 18m3. Your ideal size depends on the amount of waste you’re removing. Some skip-hire companies may not have all the skip sizes available on the market. Ensure you choose a company that can provide you with the size you need.

Step Three: Compare the prices

As mentioned, different skip-bin hire companies ask for different prices for their skip bins. So, compare the costs of the various companies and choose the one that offers the most affordable deal. However, don’t focus more on the lowest prices; you also need to ensure that the company is reliable. There’s no point in hiring an inexperienced company based on low charges and regretting your choice.

Step Four: Ensure your company has a recycling policy

Our planet is on the brink, and we need to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. Find a business that properly disposes of the rubbish to protect the environment. A good company has an effective recycling policy and probably a recycling depot. The right company is committed to recycling as much waste as possible.

Step Five: Are they licensed and certified?

The right skip bin hire company should be adequately licensed and certified by the appropriate authority. Dealing with a company that has no license may end up worse in the long run. Also, a dependable company must be registered and recognized by the Department of Environment and Science.

Step Six: Check if they have a reliable customer support

A skip-hire company that provides reliable customer support can be the best. The nature of waste varies, and you must be able to get in touch with them and obtain the help you need. A reliable skip-bin hire company should respond to your queries effectively and promptly. Also check if they are member of any industry associations.

Reliable skip bin hire company

Step Seven: How long do you need the skip?

It’s also worth considering how long you need the skip bin while looking for a company to hire from. Skip companies only allow you to hire the bins for a certain period before they come for pick up. The time often ranges from 7 to 14 days for most companies.

Ensure you hire a company that offers enough time to allow you to fill the skip. You don’t want a skip provider that will collect your skip empty or half full.

Step Eight: Ask Questions

Always ask questions to determine if the skip bin company will dispose of your waste successfully. Ask if any extra or hidden charges may occur to avoid nasty surprises. Also, enquire about their service delivery and collection options.

Ask to find out where the company is located. Remember that the cost of extra miles a skip company drives to deliver will be passed on to you. Hiring a locally owned and operated company is the best idea.

Step Nine: What are previous clients saying?

Choose a skip bin hire company with an excellent track record of success. The right companies most likely have testimonials on their websites and may even have some reviews on Google and Facebook.

So, ensure you carefully research the reputation of your potential company before hiring. Some companies may not be as good as they claim, and it always pays off to read some reviews to get an idea about how the company operates.

Step Ten: Is your company available online?

You don’t want a company that will make you waste your most valuable time. If they have special conditions to book the service, it may not be the right one for you.

Many reputable companies now have online facilities to book a skip bin or submit an enquiry form. Such companies allow you to enjoy their service from the comfort of wherever you’re without wasting time. As they say, time is money; you don’t want to lose it.


Finding the right company is essential to have effective rubbish removal. The steps discussed above will make the process easier for you. Better yet, get in touch with us; we are a reputable company and will provide you with the best skip bin hire services.