The Brisbane City Council Rubbish, Tips and Bins Services Guide

How To Properly Dispose Of Your Waste?

The Brisbane City Council Rubbish Guide

The Brisbane City Council offers rubbish collection and removal services, including green waste, household rubbish, and recycling. Read about the Brisbane City Council recycling facilities and waste services, as well as how to do your part in the waste management of Brisbane. Find out various tips, such as how to reduce litter, how to dispose of waste, or how to make a complaint about illegal dumping.

Dead Animal Collection

If a dead animal is found on the street, phone the Brisbane Council using the phone number 07-3403-888. The dead animal will be scanned at the point of collection, to see whether it has a microchip or not. If it does, then the owner of the animal will be contacted.

Illegal Dumping

It is the act of leaving significant amounts of waste materials in undesignated places, such as a footpath or anywhere that is NOT waste. Illegal dumps can affect the environment, which is why you have to report those who do this.

It is advised not to approach those who are dumping illegally. For safety purposes, do not allow the illegal dumpers to know you are there either. They will most likely receive a fine or even be prosecuted, depending on the severity of the illegal dumping.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste such as bleach or everyday cleaning products may cause injury or poisoning to people or animals coming into contact with it. If the chemicals leak, depending on the damage done to the environment, it may lead to a fine.

It is not safe to dispose of this type of waste in a general waste bin. There is a risk of them being corrosive, flammable, toxic, or explosive. The Brisbane City Council offered a thorough guide on hazardous waste disposal, as well as disposal services for this kind of waste.

Reducing Waste at Home

To reduce waste at home as well as your waste footprint, it is ideal to recycle the items and matter that can be repurposed. The Brisbane City Council offers recycling bins for green waste and recyclable items. Food waste is also turned into compost to prevent food waste.

Reducing Waste at Work and in the Community

Reducing waste within the community and at work is an essential step in promoting a green and clean Brisbane. Encourage your neighbours and colleagues to recycle effectively. Encourage reuse, upcycling, and repair of waste to avoid the waste from going into the landfill.

During your free time, visit and volunteer at the Brisbane community composting hub. The Brisbane Council has partnered with several community gardens. Brisbane residents can use these hubs so that they may donate their food scraps and turn them into compost.

Reduce Your Waste At Home

Reducing Litter

The Brisbane City Council is on a mission to keep the city litter-free. Queensland counted 51 pieces of litter per 1,000 square meters, so you may also do your part to contribute. Refrain from littering, and carry the waste with you until you reach a rubbish bin. When you see litter, pick it up. In the household, avoid sweeping the rubbish into your gutters, and keep a lid on your bins to prevent overflowing.

Rubbish Collections

The Brisbane City Council offers recycling, general household rubbish, kerbside, and green waste collection. The council offered a collection calendar and the option of putting in a bin request.

The council makes use of a dedicated fleet of trucks for rubbish so that they may collect the waste. Large items may also be picked from the kerbside. Someone needs to be around on the day of the bin collection, especially if access to private property is necessary.

Rubbish Bins

The Brisbane city council provides rubbish bins of different sizes where you may store food waste, green waste, or recyclable items. Standard-sized recycling bins may be ordered, but large bins are available as well. New homeowners can acquire a garbage container online, but they can also call the Brisbane City Council’s direct phone number.

The council provides user-pay bins for businesses and schools in Brisbane. The Brisbane Council will repair any damaged bins for free. Stolen bins will be replaced, and abandoned bins will be collected for reuse.

Waste and Recycling Facilities

The Brisbane City Council has four resource recovery stations commonly referred to as transfer stations. Residents from Brisbane can leave their recyclable items free of charge at these facilities. In exchange for a charge or a waste voucher, green garbage and general rubbish will be taken.

Two Treasure Troves are available, which are open every weekend. Formerly referred to as tip shops, these facilities sell items in good condition. These have either been reused or recycled before being sent to the landfill. Items that could not be recycled or reused are sent to the Rochedale landfill site.

Brisbane City Resource Recovery Stations

Waste and Recycling Management

Brisbane City Council requires new businesses and developments to submit a trash and recycling management plan. Every plan must include complete information on how garbage will be recycled and collected, including but not limited to:

  • Drawings and plans of the proposed waste management infrastructure
  • Predicted recycling and waste volume
  • Clearly marked path for collection vehicles
  • Ongoing strategies for future waste management
  • How the waste management plans will be communicated amongst tenants or residents

The Brisbane City Council is considering a garbage and recycling management plan, and its attention to detail will determine if it is approved.

Waste Utility Charges

The Brisbane City Council offers a wide range of services such as general waste disposal, litter collection, street cleaning, park and footpath cleaning, and education programs for waste management. The property will have to pay for these services.

The Bottom Line 

The Brisbane City Council provides various ways for the area to remain lean and waste-free. Do your part in reducing your litter footprint, and dispose of the waste accordingly.