Green Waste

Green Waste Skip Bin Hire

Green Waste

Whether your garden needs a little tender loving care or you have a big landscape project coming up, the chances are there will be a fair amount of green waste.

Our green waste skip bin hire can help you dispose of the debris quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a smart and beautiful looking garden once more.

At Pro Skip Bins Brisbane we have a variety of green waste skip bins available for hire to help you tidy up after your garden project.

Some garden maintenance jobs will only generate a handful of green waste which can be disposed of in a wheelie bin. However, for bigger jobs, only a skip bin will do to dispose of branches, small tree trunks, light foliage and more.

Correctly Filling Your Green Waste Skip Bins

Green waste is also known as biological waste, organic material that can be decomposed. We want you to get rid of the material in the right way, so it is important for you to know what exactly is considered to be green waste.

What Can I Dispose of in a Green Waste Skip Bin?

  • Light green waste such as shrubs and grass clippings.
  • Bark and woodchips without soil attached.
  • Leaves.
  • Tree trunks with a diameter smaller than 150 millimetres.
  • Twigs.
  • Palm fronds.

What Can’t I Dispose of in a Green Waste Skip Bin?

  • Tree trunks with a diameter greater than 150 millimetres.
  • Synthetic grass.
  • Soil or old compost.
  • Old or broken garden tools.
  • Plant pots.
  • Animal bedding.
  • Food waste, such as vegetable peelings.
  • General waste.

If you are in any doubt about what can be placed in a green waste skip bin, we will be happy to answer your questions.

The Benefits of Skip Bin Hire For Your Green Waste

Green Waste Disposal

Skip bin hire is an easy, convenient and affordable way of clearing garden and green waste. It’s cheaper than hiring a man with a van service and a lot quicker than filling and refilling your little green bins.

With a skip bin, you can get rid of all your green waste in one go. What’s more, hiring one is much kinder to the planet than a garden fire.

Hire a Skip Bin For Your Green Waste Today

Green Waste Removal

When you’re ready to dispose of your green waste, contact us on 07 3062 8466. We will drop the skip at your front door and pick it up from the same spot when you’re finished.