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Whether you are throwing away old furniture, disposing of garden waste, or have a lot of household rubbish that needs to be dealt with, we can help you get rid of large volumes of general waste.

We do so in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner with general waste skips bins for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

General waste is our most popular type of skip bin hire in Brisbane and includes most types of light household and commercial waste. While we can help you dispose of all kinds of waste materials, it is essential to understand what constitutes a general waste.

In principle, it is defined as general rubbish that cannot be placed into glass, organic or recycling bins. The list of acceptable items is too long to name them all but below are a few pointers:

What Can I Place in a General Waste Skip Bin Hire?

  • Most general household waste.
  • Wood, cabinets, old toys, clothes, cardboard, glass and recyclable plastics.
  • Non-electrical fittings.
  • Non-recyclable plastics.
  • Cardboard and polystyrene packaging.
  • Light construction waste like shredded cardboard, metal and wood.
  • Light green waste like grass clippings, twigs and shrubs.
  • Office waste.

Many items are not considered general waste because these have to be disposed of by different methods.

What Can’t I Place in a General Waste Skip Bin Hire?

  • Hazardous materials such as asbestos, wet paint tins, fuel, aerosols and gas canisters.
  • Electrical appliances.
  • Perishable and non-perishable food waste.
  • Soil, bricks and concrete.
  • Car batteries.
  • Tyres.
  • Medical waste.
  • Tree stumps.
  • Mattresses.

General Waste Skip Bin Hire Essentials

Skip Bin Hire Tips

Please remember the following:

Avoid overfilling your skip. The contents of your skip bin should not exceed the height of its walls. It isn’t safe to transport skips that are overloaded due to the risk of material falling onto the road and presenting a hazard to other road users.

You are responsible for all the items placed in the skip. If there are items that are not general waste, you could be charged extra for the correct disposal.

If you think some of your waste may contain asbestos, contact us so we can help you dispose of it safely in the right way.

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