What Kind of Rubbish Can You Put In Skip Bins?

Waste Types Explained – What You Can & Cannot Dipose Of

Skip Bin Rubbish Types

Rubbish removal from homes, businesses, and construction sites used to be more of a headache until skip bins. The large metallic bins are designed to fit all your waste disposal needs. Apart from this, the bins are convenient, affordable, and easy to use. As expected with humans and convenience, we tend to take convenience to a new level by putting all kinds of rubbish in skip bins, including the ones you shouldn’t. So let us assume you are not guilty since you didn’t know some items are prohibited. Read on for a list of rubbish you can put in skip bins and the ones you can’t.

Types of skip bins

There are three types of skip bins based on the categories of items you can put in them.

General Waste Material Skip Bins

Items you can put in this type of skip bin

  • Household junks: light waste, broken, old, or unusable items from the shed, garage, or attic
  • Green garden waste: garden debris like grass clippings, dead plants, tree branches, leaves, and clippings from hedges and trees.
  • Timber: firewood, old deck wood, old fencing, and picture frames.
  • Furniture: filing cabinets, couches, coffee tables, desks, tables, mattresses, dressers, bed frames, beds, headboards, box springs, and lamps without bulbs.
  • Appliances: stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, and washers.
  • White goods: cups, glasses, dishes, shoes, clothing, towels, drapes, sheets, bedspreads.
  • Metals: old tools, coffee makers, toasters, pots, and pans.
  • Paper, boxes, cardboard, and books.

Items you CANNOT put in this type of skip bin

  • Electronics: computers, printers, old televisions, radios.
  • Roofing, building and construction materials. Also, remodelling and renovation junks. You can place them in a mixed waste skip bin if your contractor allows. Other items you can place in a mixed waste skip bin include soil or sand, bricks or concrete, and tiles.
  • Tree stumps, car tires, batteries, medical and bio-hazardous materials
  • Canisters, spray cans of paints, chemical products, combustible liquid, household cleaners, solvents, oil drums, fireworks, ammunition, and gasoline oil or tanks.

Mixed Waste Materials Skip Bin

Items you can put in this type of skip bin

  • All the approved waste allowed in a general light waste skip bin can go into a mixed waste skip bin.
  • Roofing items like asphalt shingles and wood.
  • Building and construction materials: wallboards, drywall, sheet rocks, debris.
  • Remodelling and renovation junks: windows, walls, doors, floorboards, plywood, structural frames, plasterboards, carpets.
  • Bricks and concrete: tiles, rubble, materials broken from flooring, driveways, or pathways.

Items you CANNOT put in this type of skip bin

  • Car tires, car batteries, electronics, tree stumps.
  • Medical and biohazard materials, asbestos.
  • Hazardous materials: Canisters, spray cans of paints, chemical products, combustible liquid, household cleaners, solvents, oil drums, fireworks, ammunition, and gasoline oil or tanks.

Hazardous Materials and Asbestos Waste

You can and should only put asbestos in asbestos skip bins as other waste materials are prohibited. Asbestos is arguably one of the most controversial waste types since it is a hazardous material. As a result, the removal must be handled by a real asbestos removal expert. The professional must wrap all disposable asbestos in thick plastic and tape it securely to prevent it from breaking free during removal.

Where to dispose of items that won’t go into the skip bins

  • Medical waste: Don’t dispose of medical wastes like masks and gloves in skip bins to reduce the risk of contamination and infection. Instead, contact your department of health for waste disposal of used needles, biological waters, protective equipment, and other medical waste.
  • White goods: de-gas and remove lids and doors from old appliances before throwing them in the skip. Contact the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment centre if you cannot do it yourself.
  • Fluorescent bulbs: These bulbs contain mercury. Therefore, contact a specialist or visit a local recycling centre for disposal.
  • Fuel, solvents, and paints: Don’t throw combustible wastes into the skip bin as they can cause health risks like a chemical burn and respiratory harm. Instead, contact the appropriate recycling authorities.
  • Tyre: Dispose of tires at the tyre collection centre. The same is applicable for wastes made of rubber or similar materials.

Conditional waste disposal

Some skip bin companies are knowledgeable and licensed to dispose of special wastes that others may not accept. The best practice is to call the company and confirm wastes that can be accepted conditionally. Some examples include gas cylinders, plasterboards, and asbestos. Most of these companies will only accept them if they are the only waste in the skip. Therefore, don’t ever mix them with other waste, even if the company allows conditional disposal.


Safe and environmentally-friendly waste disposal is everyone’s responsibility. Don’t forget to evenly distribute the weight of your waste and don’t fill the bin above the rim.

More importantly, use the right bin for the right type of waste. If you are unsure please contact www.proskipbinsbrisbane.com.au for professional advice.